Ed Schoenfeld and Joe Ng are finally opening their long-planned shrine to Peking duck in a converted laundromat beneath their West Village Chinese restaurant, RedFarm.

The cocktail menu includes a variety of signature drinks like the Sitting Down for Dinner, made with duck-fat washed George Dickel whiskey, red wine, lemon and egg white...

...a shot of the extremely rich and silky duck consomme, made from the parts of the bird that didn't show up on the table, is a great thing to sip between bites.

Every small dish is layered with unexpected flavors. Recommended favorites were the spicy braised oxtail dumplings, fresh Kumamoto oysters with yuzu ice, foie gras tarts topped with strawberry providing a decadently sweet twist, Katz’s crispy pastrami triangles and the savory shrimp stuffed shisito peppers...

(Decoy)...looks a bit like the basement of an artsy farmer who loves a good cocktail and expertly cooked, whole, crisp-skinned juicy ducks.

(Decoy)...has the sort of exquisite Chinese food that you’d expect from Ed Schoenfeld and Joe Ng.

(Decoy's) transports you to Peking duck paradise.